Hanks AMA2496 Gunner Stitched Belt – 1.5″ – Brown – Size 38

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Hanks AMA2496 Gunner Stitched Belt – 1.5″ – Brown – Size 38

Hanks AMA2496 Gunner Stitched Belt - 1.5

  • THICK & DURABLE – MADE IN THE USA OF USA LEATHER – 100% American – 100% Quality – GUARANTEED NO BREAK BELTS! Made by Skilled Amish Craftsmen our USA made belts are here to stay. When you need a tough belt for CCW wear, that won’t break the bank, this is it, the Hanks Gunner Belt. Our solid leather belts will anchor your holster improving your ability to access your firearm.
  • 100% FULL GRAIN LEATHER -ONE PIECE – NO FILLERS- These gun belts will never split like some cheaper belts will – Made from 100% Full-Grain leather, the Gunner can take anything you throw its way and will continue to look great with age. Full Grain leather is the top layer of the hide which is the toughest part, making this belt indestructible
  • 13-14OZ LEATHER – 1.5″ WIDE – Vegetable Tanned leather. Approximately .22-.23 thick No Sag, No Rollover, No Stretching we guarantee it! So add that extra ammo, your mag light and whatever else you might need for everyday carry. These belts are built to last and last they will. Removable buckle is fastened with removable Chicago Screws instead of snaps so the buckle can easily be changed,the last thing you will have to worry about is a snap that could break, because there are none!
  • 100 YEAR WARRANTY – yep that’s right we are so confident in our shooting belts we have your back for 100 years! This belt will not break and if it does, send it back, we’ll get you another one, for free! The quality of our belts are unsurpassed. This belt was designed for the long haul and it will not let you down.
  • 100% FREE EXCHANGES IF NEEDED! If you have any questions please contact us. We are here to help

Hanks Belts best selling Gunner Belt now with a dressier edge stitch!

Made from rugged 13-14 oz leather this belt comes in at a beefy .21 to .23″ thickness for sturdy CCW use without two much extra bulk

The 1.5 ” width fits 98% of belt loops with ease and is the perfect width for everday carry

USA Made right here in America from USA Leather by Amish craftsman. Having been making tack and harnesses for their horses for hundreds of years they are excellent leather makers.

The Chicago Screw construction makes swapping buckles a cinch and the heavy duty Roller Buckle makes it easy to cinch the belt down as snug as you like.

We use only full grain unsplit and unleveled hides which results in the full use of the leather strength.

The Hanks Amish CCW Gunner stitched makes the perfect Concealed Carry belt when you need something with a bit more flair!

List Price: $ 69.00

Price: $ 54.99

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